Also as we are dealing with such various degrees of a child’s capabilities every improvement we see in each child is ‘an achievement’ and we are delighted. Some of our children cannot walk, talk, hear, see, sit up, feed themselves whilst others are fed through a tube in their stomach or have up to 50 seizures a day.

Brainwave’s SE Centre Team comprises of:
§ 2 f/t Physiotherapists
§ 2 f/t and 1 p/t Occupational Therapists
§ 1 p/t Speech & Language Therapist
§ 1 office administrator
§ 2 f/t community personnel
§ Volunteers

Each child receives a bespoke exercise therapy programme following a two-day Initial Assessment. The therapists then show the parents how to do this exercise therapy programme at home which empowers them to take an active role in their child’s development. The results we see with the children are amazing.

Team Achievements:

Brainwave’s multidisciplinary Team offers a range of activities within the therapy programmes to achieve improvements in each child’s functional skills and independence within areas such as balance and co-ordination, sensory processing, play skills, self help skills (washing and dressing, toileting, eating and drinking), motor planning, behavior management and communication.

How the charity will benefit from the donations:

Brainwave does not receive any statutory funding so any donations will help us to continue offering therapy to even more wonderful children, some of whom cannot walk, talk, sit up or feed themselves and to continue supplying any therapy equipment needed to deliver the bespoke exercise therapy programmes to them.